Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

Gulf Coast Case Managers can help to minimize your costs while helping the injured employee with a successful return to work.

Our Case Managers will contact both the employer and the employee, to determine the needs of all involved in order to realize a successful return to work situation productive for both. The professional process utilized by our Case Managers will return injured workers to a productive life in an occupation that best fits their skills, capacities and capabilities.

Gulf Coast Vocational Rehabilitation Provides

• Case Managers completing and implementing return to work plans for injured employee
• Gulf Coast Vocational Rehabilitation services available:
- Vocational Case Management
- Vocational Evaluations and Testing
- Transferable Skills Analysis
- Labor Market Surveys
- Expert Witness Vocational Testimony
- Job Summaries, Development and Job Placement
• Case Managers dedicated to making sure both employer and employee needs are met

How Vocational Rehabilitation Can Make A Difference

Our Case Managers focus concentrated efforts to insure that the injured workers are being returned to the work force in the most productive and successful manor for all.

The injured employee is placed within a job that meets their physical capacities, transferable skills, work history and experience, as well as meets their needs and offers them a more meaningful life.

Our Gulf Coast Case Managers work hard at accomplishing this in the most cost productive way possible for you, our customer.

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