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Emotional Support Animal


  • Emotional Support Animals [ESA] are specifically defined by HUD [with regard to housing accommodations under ADA] and there is a lot of misinformation about these animals and where they are allowed.
  • The ESA needs to be in good health/temprement, this can be a certificate from your veterinarian as presented to the Mental Health professional, the Animal can not be aggressive and certainly can not bite.
  • The animal needs to be free of parasites and not a public health danger.
  • The person having an ESA must have a DSM-V Diagnosis from a licensed Mental Health Professional. The person must be in current treatment for the aforementioned disorder.
  • The person with the ESA meeting the requirements may get a letter that is good for one year, at the end of the year it must be renewed.
  • The ESA is not allowed everywhere in public, [this is the biggest misconception] the ESA designation is for Travel and Housing, anywhere else is up to the business owner [I.e. restaurant, shopping mall, general public]


  • There are several sites that will "register" your animal as a ESA on their official looking website, and will provide a document saying the ESA is registered with them [THIS IS A SCAM] They offer Certificates that are bogus. [annd most importantly not by a Mental Health Professional.
  • The vests, and certificates provided by these "Organizations" are not valid and do not give the ESA owner any additional rights.
  • These websites also offer "registration for "Service Animals" this too is expensive and does not entitle the SA owner to any extra privileges.

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